A two-day hands-on workshop that teaches git from the basics all the way to advanced usage

Git Workshop

September 28th (Saturday) - 29th (Sunday), 2013, Bangalore.

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

This course is for programmers who are interested in learning how to use the git version control system. We will cover basic usage, architecture, the branching model, workflows and how to use git along with github.

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Early geek Price Rs. 7000/-

Available till September 5th, 2013

Regular Price Rs. 8000/-

Available till September 27th, 2013

Your ticket includes entry to the workshop, food and any course material provided by the instructor.

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No. 24, 1st floor, Krishna Reddy Colony, Domlur Layout, Bangalore 560071

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Participants are required to have some experience with version control. This means that terms like "check in", "version" etc. will make sense to them.

Participants are expected to be comfortable with a UNIX environment. Typical command line tool usage, the kind that one normally encounters when working on Linux.

The presentation and exercises are tested on Linux. It's best to have a GNU/Linux variant installed on it since git is a child of the UNIX tradition.

Noufal Ibrahim


Noufal Ibrahim is a freelance programmer and trainer based in Calicut. He's the founder of PyCon India and has been a member of the PSF board since 2012.

He's mostly interested in software infrastructure and works as a freelance programmer/trainer. He practices western calligraphy as a hobby in his free time.

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Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduces version control in general and git in particular.
  • Basics
    • Introduces basic commands to get comfortable with simple version control operations.
  • Architecture
    • A deep dive into the architecture of git, it's storage system, implementation and the concept of "objects" and "references".
  • Branching and merging
    • Discusses branches and how to use them. This section covers branch operations like merging and rebasing. We will also cover merge conflicts and how to resolve them effectively.
  • Collaboration and workflows
    • Introduces the idea of remotes and how they're used to publish code. Fetch and push commits from different users, handle real life merging scenarios and collaboration between users.
    • Discusses a few common workflows used in organisations that use git.
    • Spends time describing how to use the github website and how it's part of modern open source infrastructure.
  • Useful utilities
    • Covers common commands that are used in git which were not covered in the sections above like bisect, cherry-pick, read-tree, etc.
    • For technical clarifications while installing the software, please get in touch with the instructor at noufal@nibrahim.net.in

Testimonials from previous workshop

I think the workshop was amazing and covered a lot of ground in the time we had. I had a great time attending it and thanks to Hasgeek and Noufal for doing it.

Rahul Rai
(Sr.Director Engineer, LearnStreet)

Git Workshop was one of the best hands-on sessions I have attended. Especially the speaker Noufal, he was very good at explaining the internals of Git. Overall I am very pleased with the session and would love to see more of such sessions from you guys.

Raghu Bharat
(Team lead, MyParichay)

The kid in me that enjoys looking under the hood and tinkering with innards of any product of sufficient complexity is happy to have experienced the same for two days at the gitworkshop. Towards the end, I emerged greasy, sweaty and incredibly satisfied at also being able to put the pieces back together :)

(Aspiring Chessboxer/SW Engineer)

The workshop was very informative and the exercises were extensive. I personally liked the fact that it was detailed to the last bit, and not just going through the set of commands.You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Savan Kiran
(Software Engineer, TP vision)

The workshop did meet my expectations and was a good learning experience. Some points to highlight for this:
1.The facilitator's interest to resolve queries posted by the participants.
2.The support team's effort in making the workshop an enjoyable one.

Rohit Madhavan
(Software Engineer, TP vision)

Photos from previous workshop